Permission Aluminum profile enterprises take the lead in leading the recovery of the industry!

Permission Aluminum profile enterprises take the lead in leading the recovery of the industry!

As the epidemic factor gradually fades away, there are more and more signs of domestic economic recovery. Due to the strong correlation with real estate, automobiles, new energy, new infrastructure, and other fields, after this round of economic recovery Among them, the “Prophet of Spring River Plumbing Duck” in the aluminum processing industry took the lead in feeling the “warmth” of the market.

On March 8, the Mysteel aluminum team released the operating rate of domestic aluminum profile sample companies in February. The data shows that the operating rate of China’s aluminum profiles in February was 50.67%, a sharp rebound from January, and a month-on-month increase of 16.04%, setting the best record since the epidemic. It is reported that this survey involved 150 aluminum profile sample enterprises across the country, with a total production capacity of 11.4108 million tons, accounting for more than half of the domestic aluminum extrusion production capacity in 2022.
The operating rate is an intuitive reflection of the order situation of aluminum profile companies. It is worth mentioning that Mysteel’s research data also shows that the increase in the operating rate in February is not structural, but a comprehensive improvement of large, medium and small aluminum profile companies.

In February, the operating rate of China’s aluminum profile sample companies rebounded sharply year-on-year. There are many reasons. Mysteel believes that this is mainly due to the accumulation of orders brought in advance of the Spring Festival holiday in 2023, the recovery of the real estate market, the stability of international and domestic aluminum prices, and the solar photovoltaic industry after the year. It is related to the substantial increase in profile orders.

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