Aluminum Is the Main Component of Marine Farming

Aluminum Is the Main Component of Marine Farming

Introduction of Marine Farming

A sea ranch is a platform for farmed Marine life that floats on the surface of the water offshore. The Marine ranch complex platform combines fishery aquaculture, Marine tourism, scientific and technological research and development and other functions in one body to improve the efficiency of fishery aquaculture with scientific and technological innovation, and realize the transformation and upgrading of Marine fisheries. With advanced design, the Marine farm is equipped with automatic feeding, environmental monitoring, ship collision avoidance systems and technical equipment such as unmanned ships and underwater inspection robots, which can realize intelligent control of the whole production process. It can be seen that the harbor ranch is an emerging industry conducive to the comprehensive promotion of the economy.

Aluminum Is the Main Component of Marine Farming

In the construction of Marine pastures with metal materials, more than 75% of the superstructure and internal structure are used aluminum, because the density of aluminum is small, can greatly reduce the structure’s own quality, while aluminum has a strong corrosion resistance to seawater and Marine atmosphere, it can be said that the Marine pasture should be all aluminum. The so-called all-aluminum is not to say that all structural parts are made of aluminum or aluminum alloy, but on the premise of meeting technical performance requirements and ensuring safety and environmental protection, all available aluminum or aluminum alloy manufactured workpieces should be aluminum or aluminum alloy.

The Reason Why Aluminum Is the Core of Constructing the Ranch

Aluminum alloy is the best metal material for manufacturing Marine equipment, because they have the highest good characteristics of resistance to Marine environment corrosion, but also the lowest density of aluminum alloy materials, for reducing the quality of products such as “Geng Hai No. 1” Marine ranch complex platform is very beneficial. Due to the high corrosion resistance of the AI-Mg system, the aluminum alloy platform does not require maintenance during the life cycle (30 years), while the steel manufacturing must be maintained every three to five years, otherwise it will rust.

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