Aluminum Welding Rods, Important Metal Objects

Aluminum Welding Rods, Important Metal Objects

What is the difference between aluminum welding rods and parent metal?

Parent metal is also called base material, which refers to the original metal or alloy material. They will be processed, joined or changed in shape during welding, casting, forging, smelting, ect. There are welding lines outside. But aluminum welding rods aren’t. Aluminum welding rods are cleaner without slags and lines. Also, they are stronger. All these merits make them more suitable for both the novice and the professional. Aluminum welding rods are a convenient choice for industrial producers.

What is the main production process of aluminum welding rods?

It is a breeze to use aluminum as the material to produce welding rods, beacause the melting point of the aluminum is 660 centigrade. Simply heat the aluminum surface using a torch or heat gun to reach the right temperature, until it can flow smoothly. Then apply the rods to the melted area. In the end, strong and seamless alumnum rods are done. The manufacturing process is not hard, but needs precise control during manufacture. The more delicate control is, the better quality will be.

What are the main advantages of aluminum welding rods?

First, aluminum welding rods are more stable in low temperature than the other rods made of stainless steel. Aluminum welding rods will not be brittle when the weather turns cold. Aluminum welding rods also have a high strength. Its Vickers Hardness can reach 167 MPa. Because of the light and soft features, aluminum welding rods can be bent without breaking them and causing cracks. Aluminum welding rods are rust resistant. It won’t degrade due to oxidation. And aluminum is a relatively healthy metal for humans. It usually leaves a little harm to health which can be ignored.

Where to buy qualified aluminum welding rods?

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