Aluminum Extrusion V Slot VS T Slot

Aluminum Extrusion V Slot VS T Slot

How to differentiate V Slot and T Slot?

First, we can judge the slot from their appearance. V slot has a straight underline and two lean faces in V shape. While T slot has two more flatter faces. This is the key to distinguishing the slot kinds. Second, we can differentiate them from the size. V slot underline width commonly is among 10-12 mm, and the depth is among 8-12 mm. But the width of the T slot is usually between 6 to 10 mm and the depth is 5-8 mm.

Different Strength between These Two Kinds Slots.

To begin with, the T slot has a better strength than the V slot. Under the same condition, the same temperature, the same weight on them, the T slot tends to reshaped while the T slot can remain the same. But does it mean that T slot is always the better choice? In some ways, it is not. Some industrial facilities manufacturing needs a kind of slot that can be shaped into different nodes to suit the designing needs. For this reason, producers need to think twice when they choose the slot.

Different Linking Stability

As we mentioned above, V slot and T slot have different strengths. And that brings them different linking stability as well. What is linking stability? It is data that describes the tendency to be kept in the original situation. High strength does not mean high stability. Stability is not totally decided by strength. V shape provides the slot a stable condition when it is linked with other parts. As we all know, triangle shape means stability. But this does not mean that we should always choose V slots to manufacture new devices. The T slot has two flat sides, which means it is stable when they are at the bottom side of the whole structure.

Different Matches

V slots need to match their own components together, or they can not play their roles. But T slots can match any other components. In this way, T slots do have a wider side of usage. But any conponents need the exact partner can give play to their place. More patterns of matching means more dimensions to be considered. Sometimes, fewer choices means more stability. It does not mean that we should always choose the most stable pattern we think. We should decide the match in different situations.

Different Usage

V slots are tighter than T slots when they are matched with other components. While T slots can be reused after pulling them down the device. V slots can not be dragged out after they are assembled. In this way, they have different uses during manufacturing production. V slots are used to tighten and immobilize, to make the parts be tigtened do not move. And T slots are commonly used to link differnent parts. And they can be modified within different situations.
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