Aluminum Has a Widely Use in Idle Rail Manufacture

Aluminum Has a Widely Use in Idle Rail Manufacture

What Is Idle Rail?

Air rail is the folk common name for suspended monorail train, is a new type of low and medium volume, ecological environmental protection, green and low-carbon urban rail transit mode, the air rail train carriage is suspended under the rail beam, flying forward or backward, the folk called “flying”, in fact, it is not flying at all. The advantages of this “air train” are that it does not occupy land, strong environmental adaptability, large landscape vision, and good effect, which can be used for commuting, and can be used for sightseeing and sightseeing.

Details of Idle Rail

The total length of the line is 10.8 km, with 6 stations, fully automatic driverless operation, the maximum operating speed is 60 km/h, the formation is flexible, there can be 2 cars, there can be 3 cars, each car can take more than 110 people. The train starts, stops and runs smoothly and comfortably, without vibration, crash and frictional sound, without any interference to the environment, can pass through residential buildings, and runs at night, adding a lot of fun for travel and sightseeing. The air rail train uses rubber pneumatic tires and adopts shock absorption technology similar to high-speed rail such as air spring, which greatly improves the smoothness and comfort of the air rail vehicle. In addition, there are also innovations in the construction of empty rail stations. The bridge construction is separated from the station building, and the station does not bear the dynamic load of the train.

Aluminum Is an Important Material

The suspension car used in Optical Valley air rail requires itself to be as light as possible, so it is made of lightweight metal materials. In today’s use of 4 kinds of metal lightweight materials – aluminum, magnesium, titanium, aluminum composite materials, aluminum alloy has the highest cost performance, in order to achieve the lightest goal, “light Valley photon” compartment is made of all aluminum. The so-called all-aluminum building is that under the existing technical conditions, under the premise of ensuring safety and riding comfort, all parts that can be made of aluminum alloy are made of aluminum. The compartment uses 3003, 5083, 6063, 6N61, 7075, A390 and other models of aluminum alloy, the body aluminum rate of more than 89%, is the highest level at present.

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