Introduction of Some Aluminum Manufacture Companies

Introduction of Some Aluminum Manufacture Companies

Top Aluminum Extrusion Companies

There are five top aluminum extrusion companies around the world, which has been accumulated a lot of merchandize part. They are Sapa, China Zhongwang, Arconic, Constellium and Hindalco-Novelis. They have great sales volumes, wide industry coverage, and they are dynamic in changing market conditions. Below, I will introduce some of them to you, the largest, the company that is famous for its lightweight eluminum extruction products and the companies with high quality of aluminum extruction manuefacture.

Largest Aluminum Extruction Company

Currently, Sapa is the world leader in aluminium solutions. It is a new company that has merged the aluminium extrusion businesses of Sapa and Hydro. This company mainly producing the aluminum extrusion products. And this company has a big amount of share in the aluminum industry. Sapa can produce alumnum products a complete manufacturing line. And it would also provide customs with personal and varied services. Sapa’s extruded aluminium profiles are used as components in virtually all available end use applications including buildings, cars, industries, machines etc. As you can see, it is a big company with a wide field to sesearch and produce different products.

Lightweight Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturer

China Zhongwang Holdings Limited, together with its subsidiaries, is the second largest industrial aluminium extrusion product developer and manufacturer in the world and the largest in Asia. With years of growth, the company has settled many subordinates around the world. This company main focus has been the light-weight aluminum extrusion. Their products have developed in many sectors, such as transportation, machinery and equipment and electric power engineering. This company has owned many praise through the provision of quality processed aluminium products. Same as Sapa, Zhongwang also has a complete chain for manufaction and dilivery.

High Quality Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturers

Arconic, Constellium and Hindalco-Novelis are three another qualified big companies focus on aluminum extrusion manufacture. They have contributed a lot to innovation of extrusion technologies. Let me put in this way, they are leaders in the innovation. They provide their customs with complete range of costomized products with high quality. Also, they have after-sales services as well. Their aluminum extrusion products are used in house building, automotive and transportation.
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