Types of Aluminum Extrusion

Types of Aluminum Extrusion

What Is Aluminum Extrusion?

Aluminum extrusion is a process that bends and forces the aluminum alloy material in some different shapes by the models. These models have specific sectional profiles. Just like the way you made the vase from the clay. Different aluminum excursions need different dies. The aluminum alloy will be shaped, bent and cut into the appearance you need, through the tube machine. Just like squeezing toothpaste from the tube.

Common Kinds of Aluminum Extrusion


This is a kind of aluminum extrusion that are commonly used into the buiding fields. They have no enclosed voids or openings, such as rod, beam, or angle. As you can see, this kind of aluminum bar is widely used in our life, such as the beam of door.


The hollow is a unique aluminum bar with one or more voids, such as the square or rectangular and round tube. Well, if I say the solid aluminum bar is common in our life, the hollow is everywhere in ourlives. The water tunnels, the telegraph pole and the cable are all related with this shape material.


Semi-hollow is a more complex shape of aluminum tube. This kind of aluminum material is with a partially enclosed void, such as “C” channel with a narrow gap. And I have put their images on the top of this blog. This kind of aluminum extrusion is not that common as the other two kind mentioned before. But it is only because we do not usually see them directly. Semi-hollow aluminum tubes are used into the industry basic infrustructures making.

The Key Parts When Making the Aluminum Extrusion

When manufacturers are producing aluminum extrusion, the first step is to move the billet into and out of the container, through the belt. In this way, the quality of the belt and the basic technique is important. Because they decide the match between billet and the hole. And this point decides efficiency during the process. And the other most important key is the merge of the alloy by the die, when we are making the hollow and semi-hollow kinds of aluminum extrusion. Thus, the quality of the die tends to decide whether the aluminum extrusions are stable.
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