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Product Name :2017 Aluminum Bar
Product Size :Thickness: 1mm-100mm; Width: 10mm-200mm
Application : Aerospace Automobile Industrial
Other : Yield (≥ MPa): 280; Temper: O - H112; Ultimate Strength (≥ MPa) : 315; Processing Service: Cutting

The 2017 aluminum bar offers excellent processing capabilities. We understand the common issue of aluminum bars wearing down during use. To address this, our experienced team has meticulously designed the 2017 aluminum bar to ensure outstanding machining performance with superior wear resistance. This not only prolongs the product’s service life but also reduces the costs associated with replacement and maintenance.

Furthermore, our aluminum bars are manufactured using advanced technology, enabling them to maintain optimal performance even in challenging environments. With good thermal conductivity, high strength, and excellent mechanical properties, they can withstand heavier loads. Our 2017 aluminum bars are crafted using advanced technology and special treatment to provide exceptional welding performance. Additionally, we offer cost-effective solutions that not only reduce expenses but also meet your requirements for high strength.

Excellent Processability

Our 2017 aluminum bar chooses standard material to ensure its perfect performance, which includes prominent processability. The surface of 2017 aluminum bars can be treated with anti-corrosion, anodizing, painting and printing, and other secondary processing technologies, to make a variety of productions and profiles as decorative materials or other industrial materials, we provide customized services that accept your specific requirements, our clients could utilize this character of processability to manufacture several productions. Which saves the cost for our customers effectively.

Perfect Thermal Conductivity

The high thermal conductivity of aluminum materials allows it to quickly conduct heat to the surrounding environment, reducing the possibility of heat accumulation and temperature increase, so aluminum can be applied to the manufacture of automotive engines. The thermal conductivity of aluminum bars enables them to quickly and evenly transfer heat to the entire material, reducing the uneven distribution of heat and the appearance of hot spots.

Mechanical Property

On the one hand, our 2017 aluminum bar maintains the characteristic of being lightweight, meanwhile, its mechanical properties are significantly improved. The application of aluminum bars covers the following three aspects: first, as load-bearing parts; Second, it can be applied to the manufacture of doors, windows, pipes, lids, shells, and other productions; Third, it can be applied as decorative insulation materials. The 2017 aluminum bar can be colored after the anodizing process to make a variety of decoration parts.

Chemistry Information of 2017 Aluminum Bar

Chemical Element of 2017 Aluminum Bar

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2017 Aluminum Bar for Automotive


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2017 Aluminum Bar for Decoration

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