2618 Aluminum Round Bar


Product Name :2618 Aluminum Round Bar
Product Size :Diameter:≤ 800mm
Application : Aerospace Automobile Industrial
Other : Length:≤ 7000mm

This 2618 aluminum round bar offers excellent quality and is well-suited for aerospace manufacturing, automobile parts production, and military equipment manufacturing.

The 2618 aluminum round bar possesses exceptional strength, making it ideal for applications under high pressure and heavy loads. It retains its original performance even in such demanding conditions, eliminating concerns about material load-bearing capacity. When it comes to welding, the 2618 aluminum round bar demonstrates excellent welding performance, requiring no special welding technology or materials. This feature simplifies your welding challenges.

Additionally, this product exhibits remarkable high-temperature resistance, ensuring it maintains its strength and stability even in high-temperature environments. This guarantees the long-term stability of your projects.

The 2618 aluminum round bar excels in corrosion resistance, fending off oxidation, corrosion, and corrosive media. It finds utility in a variety of applications. Furthermore, after undergoing rigorous and meticulous processing, this aluminum bar is highly wear-resistant, making it suitable for applications demanding exceptional wear resistance.

Moreover, we offer a more cost-effective 2618 aluminum alloy as raw material, reducing project costs and stabilizing prices. Our company maintains a strict inspection process to ensure consistent quality, surpassing standards set by similar products.

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2618 aluminum round bar1

High Intensity

The 2618 aluminum round bar is a kind of material with high intensity, light weight and corrosion resistance, which could be widely applied to aerospace, automobile, construction and other fields. The manufacturing process of 2618 aluminum round bar mainly includes two kinds of methods including pressing and extrusion. With the continuous progress of science and technology and the growth of market demands, the application field and performance of high-strength aluminum will be further expanded and improved.

High Temperature Resistance

The high temperature resistance of aluminum material has important application value in the field of aerospace industry has high standard requirements for materials, which indicateds the need for materials with good high temperature resistance and strength. Our 2168 aluminum material can be well adapted to these requirements, and can be widely used in aircraft engines, rocket engines and other high-temperature components manufacturing. The high temperature resistance can ensure the normal operation of the engine in a high temperature environment and improve the safety of flight.

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2618 aluminum round bar3

Corrossion Resistance

Aluminum material has good corrosion resistance and can resist the corrosion of atmospheric, water, soil and other environmental factors. This is because the oxide layer on the surface of aluminum can play a certain protective role to prevent aluminum from reacting with the external environment. Additionally, aluminum has a lower electric potential and is not easily corroded by electrolysis.

Chemistry Information of 2618 Aluminum Round Bar

2618 aluminum round bar-Chemical element

The mechanical properties of 2618 aluminum bar rod


 2618-T6 T6511 aluminum rod2618-T8 T8511 aluminum bar2618-T1 T62 aluminum rod
Yield Strength Rp0.2/MPa315 MPa325 MPa305 MPa
Tensile strength Rm/MPa375 MPa385 MPa365 MPa
Elongation %6%5%5%

Chemistry Information of 2618 Aluminum Round Bar

ElementComposition (%)

Application of 2618 Aluminum Round Bar


2618 Aluminum Round Bar for Helicopter

building industry

2618 Aluminum Round Bar for Building Industry


2618 Aluminum Round Bar for Steamship

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