5000 Series Aluminum Tube


Product Name :5000 Series Aluminum Tube
Product Grade :5052, 5086, 5454
Product Size :Temper: H321,H116,H112; Wall Thickness: 0.3 -15mm; OD: 3 – 600mm; Length: 1-6m
Application : Automobile Industrial

Yikuo Longshun, a leading manufacturer in aluminum processing, offers a wide range of top-notch products, particularly aluminum profiles for hydraulic gear pumps. We boast state-of-the-art production lines and cutting-edge technology, backed by over 10 years of industry experience.

Our aluminum alloy gear pump bodies are meticulously crafted with superior hardness and strength, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Equipped with safety valves and efficient lubrication systems, our gear pumps minimize torque forces, reduce wear and tear, and maximize efficiency. They find extensive use in various industries, including gear pump processing plants, tractor manufacturers, and civil engineering machinery.

We maintain a complete range of molds and ensure stable production. With our prompt delivery, you can rely on us for your hydraulic gear pump needs. We offer free molds and samples for testing. If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.

Experience the difference with Yikuo Longshun’s premium aluminum profiles for hydraulic gear pumps. Elevate your equipment today!

Easy Processing

As an experienced aluminum manufacturing company, our 5000 series aluminum tubes are produced by standard procedure which enables the 5000 series aluminum tube can be processed without any unecessary efforts, which lead to the fact that choose our 5000 series aluminum tube will save your processing cost significantly.


Light Weight

With a lighter weight of aluminum material, the producer can decrease the total weight of products, thus, enhancing the efficiency of processing.
Comparing with traditional steel material, the dendity of aluminum material is quite satisfying, making it a better option for our electricity sheel maker clients to reduce the consumption, at the same time, the discharge of carbon dioxide could also be descended. By choosing our 5000 serious aluminum tube, it will makes more possible to meet the demands of environment protection’s requirements.


The 5000 series aluminum tube is a commonly used aluminum alloy material, which has good environmental protection performance and sustainable development advantages. Aluminum is a recyclable metal that can be reused through recycling. Compared to other metals, the recycling process of aluminum can conserve a lot of energy and resources, and reduce the damage to the natural environment. Therefore, the selection of 5000 series aluminum tube as a material helps to reduce the consumption of resources and environmental pollution.

Dimentions of 5000 Series Aluminum Tube

Dimension NameOuter DiameterWallInner DiameterMax LengthAlloyTemperMTR AvailabilityFull LengthMaterialShape
Dimension NameOuter DiameterWallInner DiameterMax LengthAlloyTemperMTR AvailabilityFull LengthMaterialShape
Dimension NameOuter DiameterWallInner DiameterMax LengthAlloyTemperMTR AvailabilityFull LengthMaterialShape

Application of 5000 Series Aluminum Tube


5000 Series Aluminum Tube for Propeller

curtain wall

5000 Series Aluminum Tube for Curtain Wall


5000 Series Aluminum Tube for Ceiling

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