5083 Aluminum Pipe


Product Name :5083 Aluminum Pipe
Product Size :Temper: H321, H116, H112; Wall Thickness: 0.3 -15mm; OD: 3 – 600mm; Length: 1-6m
Application : Aerospace Automobile Industrial
Other : Shape: Round; Surface Treatment: Mill Finished, Anodized, Powder Coated, Brushed,Polished

Thanks to the exceptional corrosion resistance, 5083 aluminum pipes are a great option for applications that must withstand harsh conditions like seawater and saltwater. Particularly in maritime and coastal applications, its exceptional corrosion resistance ensures the durability and dependability of your components.
High strength is another feature of our product that is essential for producing parts and structural elements that must endure heavy loads and pressures. To satisfy your unique requirements without sacrificing quality, we are willing to investigate options including bulk purchases, supply chain optimization, and alternative materials. 
In conclusion, with an emphasis on corrosion resistance, strength, and lightweight qualities, our 5083 aluminum pipe is a flexible and dependable solution adapted to your industry’s requirements. Any queries, clarifications, or more talks are welcome to tailor our collaboration to your specific needs. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and time.

Corrossion Resistant

The aluminum can easily chemically react with oxygen, thus, producing AL2O3 alumina. Unlike other metal oxides, aluminum oxide has no obvious color, it is colorless and transparent, and has no effect on the color of aluminum itself. More importantly, it can wrap the entire aluminum product matrix to prevent the matrix from contacting the air, so that the matrix will not continue to oxidize. If you accidentally scratch the surface of the aluminum profile product, then the cut will soon generate an alumina film, so that the matrix will not be subjected to deep corrosion.

Easy to Weld

There are many welding methods for aluminum alloys, among which argon arc welding is the most commonly used one. The advantages of aluminum alloy welding mainly include material saving, compared with other manufacturing methods of aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy welding can greatly reduce material waste and save costs for enterprises. Another advantage is the weld surface of aluminum alloy is neat and smooth, with no cracks, and the overall beauty of the product is guaranteed.

5083 tube3


The aluminum tube is easy to process into different shapes and it can be processed by a variety of processes to meet the requirements of different industries. Along with its good formability, aluminum tubes can be processed by, such as extrusion, casting, drawing, rolling, and so on. The favorable cutting performance is produced by the high-speed processing, which is fast and efficient for our clients.

Chemistry Information of 5083 Aluminum Pipe

Chemistry Information: 5083 Aluminum
Percentage92.4 – 95.60.05 – 0.250.1 max0.4 max4 – 4.90.4 – 10.4 max0.15 max0.25 max

Application of Aluminum 5083 Round Pipe

subsea pipeline

5083 Aluminum Pipe for Subsea Pipeline


5083 Aluminum Pipe for Boat

marine engineering

5083 Aluminum Pipe for Marine Engineering

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