6061 Aluminum Bar


Product Name :6061 Aluminum Bar
Application : Aerospace Automobile Electricity Industrial
Other : Temper: T6, T651, T6511;

6061 aluminum bar is a wide range of structural alloys, with excellent properties and a wide range of applications, such as Marine,aerospace, building products, machinery, electronic and electrical applications.

The excellent corrosion resistance, machinability, and linking properties of 6061 aluminum bar make them ideal for a variety of construction and structural applications.

YK-Longshun specializes in selling 6061 aluminum bar, we guarantee excellent product quality control and a high-standard production process, and we offer a variety of specifications and sizes to meet your needs. If you have the intention to order, please contact me in time, and we will provide you with the best service.

Corrosion Resistance

5083 aluminum rod is a kind of polycrystalline aluminum material, which is equipped with excellent corrosion resistance, wear resistance and impact resistance, giving it the stable essence and making it the perfect choice to be applied in automotive and aerospace industries.

The excellent mechanical properties of our 5083 aluminum rod allows it could be used in the temperature from -269℃ to +60℃; Its strength and stiffness can meet the requirements of most industrial applications; Excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance; Excellent thermal and electrical conductivity; Non-toxic, pollution-free; Easy to process and form

Through special treatment and precision selection of raw materials, the 5083 aluminum bar represents outstanding quality. The 5083 aluminum bar is suitable to be applied in various demanding environments, such as coastal areas and chemical industries, ensuring a long service life and lower maintenance costs. We believe our 5083 aluminum rod could reward you with superior productions and services. 

High Strength

The high-quality raw materials and our precise manufacturing techniques entitled our 5083 aluminum bar with the characters of high strength, which enabling it to withstand the pressure and heavy loads without concerning the issue of deformation or rupture situation. 

Our 5083 Aluminum Bar material has excellent strength and toughness and can bear strong external force and pressure. Due to the high strength of 5083 aluminum alloy materials, the 5083 aluminum bar produced by our company has profound load capacity to withstand greater loads in smaller size, making it possible to maintain higher quality and longer life cycle while realizing the stable quality of it.

We understand the value of your time and economic situation, thus, we committed to provide the shortest delivery time for our clients, so that making sure that they can commencing their project promptly and effectively. 

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Thermal Conductivity

The high thermal conductivity of 5083 aluminum alloy makes it excellent to be applied for heat conduction. In some cases where heat conduction is required, 5083 aluminum alloy can effectively transfer heat to the requiring location to meet specific process requirements. For example, in the radiators of electronic devices, 5083 aluminum alloy can quickly transfer heat from the heat dissipation source to the heat sink to upgrade the heat dissipation efficiency.

The high thermal conductivity of 5083 aluminum alloy also gives it an advantage to be applied in welding and processing process. During the welding process, the high thermal conductivity can effectively transfer the heat, so that the temperature of welding area can reach to the standard welding temperature, thereby, elevating the welding efficiency. During processing, the high thermal conductivity of 5083 aluminum alloy can effectively dissipate the heat and prevent the material from being overheated, and upgrading the processing quality and efficiency.

Chemistry Information of 6061 Aluminum Bar

Typical Chemical Composition %
Minimum0.4 0.15 0.80.04    

Application of 6061 Aluminum Bar

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6061 Aluminum Bar for Aerospace

6061 aluminum bar-11

6061 Aluminum Bar for Shipbuilding Industry


5083 Aluminum Round Bar for Helicopter

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