7000 Series Aluminum Tube


Product Name :7000 Series Aluminum Tube
Product Grade :7075, 7175, 7050
Product Size :Temper: T6; Wall Thickness: 0.3 -15mm; OD: 3 – 600mm; Length: 1-6m
Application : Aerospace Automobile Industrial

This 7000 series aluminum tubes produced by our company is reknowned for their excellent quality and is well-suited for aerospace manufacturing, automobile parts production, and military equipment manufacturing.

The 7000 series aluminum tube has high strength, making it the ideal material for applications even under the specific high pressure and heavy loads. Holding its original performance even in such demanding conditions, our 7000 series aluminum tube may eliminate your concerns about material load-bearing capacity. When it comes to welding, the 7000 series aluminum tube demonstrates excellent welding performance, requiring no special welding technology or materials. This feature simplifies your welding challenges.

Additionally, this product exhibits remarkable high-temperature resistance, ensuring it maintains its strength and stability even in high-temperature environments. This guarantees the long-term stability of our customers’ project.

Except all the advantages illustrated above, our 7000 series aluminum alloy raw material can effectively reduce the project costs and stabilize prices for our customers. Our company has always strict inspection through the manufacturing process to ensure consistent quality, surpassing standards set by similar products.

Feel free to reach out to our professional team anytime for additional information about this product. We’re here to assist you.

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Aluminum alloy material has high wear resistance and abrasion resistance. Aluminum alloy material has the character of cheap, also, with high bearing capacity, high fatigue strength, and low friction coefficient, high wear resistance and abrasion ability. It has the advantages of good workability, corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity and so on.

High Strength

Aluminum alloy has a high strength, the strength is about three times higher than ordinary steel material, it can withstand greater forces and loads.

This character of our 7000 series aluminum tube enables our product to enhance the stability of our clients’ productions.

With a higher strength, our 7000 series aluminum tube can be well applied to various environments both indoors and out doors.

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Short Delivery Time

Shorter delivery time can reduce inventory, when the delivery time is shorter, the product is delivered to the customer faster through the production line, and the number of work-in-process  on the production line is reduced, which eliminates the need to prepare as much storage space and reduces the overall inventory.It can also increase the flexibility of the company to receive orders.

With shorter delivery times, the extra time on the production line can be used to deal with some temporary situations, such as inserting orders or bursting orders. In addition, if the delivery time is short and the productivity can be elevated, the company can cope with small batch of diversified orders.

Chemistry Information of 7000 Series Aluminum Tube

Chemistry Information: 7050 Aluminum
Percentage900.042.0-2.60.15 max1.9-2.60.1 max0.12 max0.06 max5.7-6.70.08-0.15
Chemistry Information: 7075 Aluminum
Element Al Cr Cu Fe Mg Mn Si Ti Zn
Percentage 90 0.18-0.28 12-2 0.5 max 2.1-2.9 0.3 max 0.4 max 0.2 max 5.1-6.1
Chemistry Information: 7175 Aluminum
Element Al Cr Cu Fe Mg Mn Si Ti Zn
Percentage 90 0.18-0.28 12-2 0.2 max 2.1-2.9 0.1 max 0.15 max 0.1 max 5.1-6.1

Application of 7000 Series Aluminum Tube

high speed train

7000 Series Aluminum Tube for High-Speed Train

sports equipment

7000 Series Aluminum Tube for Sports  Equipment


7000 Series Aluminum Tube for Airplane

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