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Product Name :Aluminum Machining Part
Product Grade :6061-T6, 7075-T6, 5052-H32, 6063
Product Size :Tolerance: +/-0.01mm
Application : Automobile Electricity Industrial Others
Unlocking Possibilities in Aluminum Processing: 
Yikuo Longshun is your trusted partner for all your aluminum processing needs. With our expertise, we serve various industries, including automotive, hardware, aerospace, moldings, and mobile phone manufacturing.
Our aluminum processing services are marked by high precision and low-volume production. We understand the importance of accuracy in your parts, which is why we utilize advanced machinery and a skilled workforce to ensure minimal tolerances and precise results.
One of our key advantages is our design expertise. Our team can collaborate closely with you to optimize your product design for efficient manufacturing, reducing costs and enhancing overall quality. We are committed to providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on excellence.
At Yikuo Longshun, we prioritize timely delivery. We understand the challenges businesses face with extended lead times, which is why we have streamlined our production process to ensure your orders are delivered promptly, keeping your projects on schedule.
Beyond our commitment to quality and efficiency, we take pride in being a socially responsible company. By providing job opportunities for individuals with disabilities, we contribute to a more inclusive workforce and society.
With Yikuo Longshun, you can enjoy a one-stop service experience. From design and production to transportation, we offer comprehensive solutions to meet all your aluminum processing needs. Let us unlock the possibilities and elevate your business to new heights.
Contact Yikuo Longshun today to discuss your specific requirements and witness the exceptional results of our aluminum processing services. Together, we can bring your vision to life.


Our company is equipped with advanced manufacturing technique, thus, entitling our production with higher precision, meanwhile, decrease the error rate. This feature can boost the sale of our goods and the satisfaction of our clients. Low rate of error can reduce the cost both of your time and capital, it can also improve your manufacturing efficiency and significantly raise your efficacy.

Low Volume Production

This quality can reduce the risks in the supply chain for our customers, also, improve the reliability of our cooperation. At the same time, we can improve the forecasting accuracy of our consumer by providing the stable supply of production and enable them to predict market demand with a better planned production, also, reduce their inventory costs to save the costs of which. Through our stable supply chain, it can enabling enterprises to better understand the various types of information in the supply chain network, which may include the product flow, logistics, capital flow, etc.

Assisted Design

The information can be viewed and utilized by all members of the project team, so as to perfectly realize the sharing between upstream and downstream professionals in the design process. Also, the assisted design can always help you to grasp the design coordination and timing, so that the flow of drawings is timely and smooth, and resources are fully shared and utilized. The work of design can be completed in a collaborative way so that costs can be reduced and designs can be completed faster.

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Aluminum CNC Machining for Automotive Parts


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