Aluminum Pneumatic Cylinder Tube


Product Name :Pneumatic Cylinder Tube
Product Grade :6063, 6061
Product Size :Internal Diameter: 16-320mm; Inner Diameter Tolerance: H9-H11; Straightness Tolerance: ≤1mm/1000mm;
Application : Industrial
Other : Temper: T5, T6, T6511, T832; Elongation: ≥ 15%; Length: 3-9m or Customized; Surface Roughness: Ra<0.6; Oxide Film Thickness: ≥15μm; Hardness of Oxide Film: ≥ 400HV;
Yikuo Longshun is a leading aluminum profile manufacturer with over 10 years of experience in aluminum processing, distinguishing itself in the industry. We boast state-of-the-art facilities, encompassing 14 production lines. The aluminum cylinder profile suitable for various kinds of Precision Mechanical Tubes, Air Cylinder Tubes and Pneumatic Cylinder Tube, Construct use Multi Joint Tube, Injection Machine and Robotic Arm. Below lists the features for attention;

1. super durability against abrasion.
2. accurate dimension.
3. easy handling.
4. hundreds of stocking sizes.
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Wide Appliation

Pneumatic cylinder barrel can be used in a wide range of industries, from manufacturing and automatic to aerospace and robotic. The speed of adjusting the valve is fast and secure, our pneumatic cylinder barrel has a fast response speed and can achieve accurate flux adjustment in a short time, which can make sure the whole operation and production process are efficient. Apart from this, there is no need for long waiting and gear adjustment manually, our pneumatic cylinder barrel can best meet your production needs.

Size and Technical Strength

Elongation: ≥ 15%; Length: 3-9m or Customized; Surface Roughness: Ra<0.6; Oxide Film Thickness: ≥15μm; Hardness of Oxide Film: ≥ 400HV;

Excellent Durability

Our products are known for excellent quality and outstanding durability, and this model is designed to stand the test of time. No matter what industry you are in, this pneumatic cylinder barrel ensures your products will last for a really long time, greatly reducing the frequency of replacement parts and maintenance. Our repeated customers have reported this product can dramatically improve production efficiency.

Chemistry Information of Pneumatic Cylinder Barrel

Others each0.150.05
Other total0.15

Specifications of Pneumatic Cylinder Barrel

8、10、12、15、16、20、22、25、28、45、50、50.8、60、70、80、100、101.1、150、177.8、200、250、300、400、500、573、600 等。32、40、50、63、80、100、125、160、2008*8、12*12、14*14、20*20、25*25、30*30、50*50、101.6*101.6、203.2*203.2、228*228、250*250、350*350 等。18*12、30*20、40*20、40*30、60*30、60*40、70*40、50*25、60*40、50*30、80*50、100*50、100*240、101.6*203.2、150*250、200*300等6、8、10、12、16、20、25、32、40、45、50、60、70 等。

Models of Pneumatic Cylinder Barrel

Application of Aluminum Pneumatic Cylinder Tube

Pneumatic Valve Actuator
Pneumatic Valve Actuator

Package Of Aluminum Pneumatic Cylinder Tube

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