Aluminum Extrusion Profile Manufacturer


Product Name :Aluminum Profile
Product Grade :1xxx, 2xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx.
Product Size :Dimension: Φ4.8*1.4mm—-Φ140*3.0mm
Application : Automobile Electricity Industrial
Other : Temper: T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, H1X, H2X, H3X, O, HXXX;

The Aluminum Profile has the advantages of lightweight and stability, besides, compared with steel, the aluminum profile is a cost-effective choice with decisive flexibility. In addition, the aluminum profile contains various models including classical construction profiles, and other specific models you may need. Detail information will be introduced below.

Yikuo Longshun is a leading manufacturer in the industry, renowned for its state-of-the-art facilities.
Our aluminum profiles can be applied to a wide range of industries worldwide, including aluminum letter boxes, aluminum oil tanks, aluminum ribs, aluminum solar panels and aluminum heat exchangers, aluminum motor cases, and aluminum cable trays with aluminum boat cases. Our company has a wide choose range for our customers, which would meet your specific demands.

As a professional aluminum product manufacturer, our company now processing the advanced manufacturing technique that allows our company produce a series of high-quality commodities to reach the industrial standard level.

The common issue that customers may concerned about includes poor quality, corrosion of the product the oxidation resistance, insufficient hardness, and significant dimensional deviations. At our company, we totaly understand all your concerns and have take various measures to tackle all your worries. Our profiles have rigid quality control standards to ensure excellent safety quality, outstanding corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, first-rank hardness, and accurate dimensions.

Information of Aluminum Extrusion Profile

 VENTION V2Extrusion AExtrusion BExtrusion CExtrusion D
Profile Dimensions(mm)45*4545*4545*4545*4545*45
Profile Area(mm2)761563757571737
Area moment of inertia(mm4)162,325107,780139,310109,635141,720
Torsional Constant(mm4)31,85119,39431,04219,83639,719
Weight Per Meter(Kg)2.061.632.051.552.03
Area Moment of Interia/Surface Area(mm2)213191184192192
Max Deflection at 1500N Force(mm)5.588.
Stress at 1500N Force103.96156.57121.05153.48117.11
Torsional Diaplacement at 50Nm Torque3.465.683.555.552.77

Application of Aluminum Profile

Aluminum Letter Box

The aluminum letterbox has the character light and soft. It has the quality of light weight and could be widely applied to companies, hospitals, hotels, schools, shopping malls etc.
Being equipped with a compound structure, our letterbox is not easy to deform and the appearance of which is quite eye-catching.
Also, it can be hung on the wall, which could effectively save your space.

Aluminum Oil Tank

Our aluminum oil tank has the feature of high intensity, which allows the product not easy to leak oil incase there are accidents, and the possibility of deformation is also avoided. This factor effectively raise the safety and stability of your product.
The quality of sealing is quite perfect, which increase the safety factor in a further step,  which would effectively save your economic cost.
The aluminum material itself has good corrosion resistance and can not rust for many years, which is undoubtedly the best choice for mixing trucks with large fuel consumption and high fuel quality requirements.

Aluminum Ribs

The quality of aluminum ribs that produced by our company is identified to be stable which could significantly expand its life cycle.
It could be widely applie to various industries including decoration, packaging, building, transportation, electronic industry, as well as aerospace industry.
The manufacturing technique of our company is advanced, thus, our company can provide aluminum ribs with reliable quality and could garuantee our clilents with standard quality.

Aluminum Solar Panel

Our aluminum solar panel has strong resistance to mechanical impact, which could significantly raise the safety grade. What’s more, our product has the character of light weight which may save the economic cost of transportation.
The corrosion resistance allows the product not be rust in a long time and increase the product life cycle.
The conductivity of our aluminum solar panel is outstanding, which can play a lightning protection role in thunderstorm weather and effectively avoid the occurence of unexpexted accidents.

The quality of our aluminum heat exchanger is standard and stable, and with our short delivery time, you can receive our product in a shorter waiting time. Which may require less storage space and reduce your economic burden accordingly.
As a reliable company, we guarantee our clients with our responsibility and offer them our product that can be testified by time.

Aluminum Motor Case

Our aluminum motor case is of lower weight compared to motor cases made by other materials, which would effectilvily reduce the transportation cost and make the assemble process more approachable and easier.
The perfect thermal conductivity of our aluminum motor case can enhance the producing efficiency of your company and bring you considerable benefit.
Also, good plasticity allows our products’ ductility better than iron, which also increase it’s elongation.
Except all those factors above, our product also has perfect heat dissipation performance, this factor can assure a more secure operating environment.

Aluminum Cable Tray

The aluminum cable tray is equipped with these attractive characters of neat appearance also the neat structure, the load capacity of which is considerable compared to other materials.High plasticity and good thermal conductivity could enhance the efficiency of thermal treatment and improve the economic production as well.
As another feature of the aluminum itself, after the aluminum surface anodizing, it is not only anti-corrosion, but also anti-electromagnetic interference, especially anti-shielding interference, which is irreplaceable for steel bridge. This can improve the safety grade significantly for our clients who choose our product.

Aluminum Charging Pile Housing

Our aluminum charging station casing can be customized to different specifications and sizes. Made from high-quality aluminum alloy, this enclosure offers excellent protection against harsh weather conditions and vandalism.
The aluminum alloy material is corrosion-resistant, making it suitable for outdoor use.  As a professional manufacturer, we provide customized service, accept your specific processing demands, also, offer you a one-stop processing service.

Aluminum Boat Case

The aluminum itself contains the charactor of light weight, and when it is applied to the coat case, it could significantly elevate the velocity and thus, reduce the assumption of fuel and save the cost of fuel.
What else, the aluminum boat case manufactured by our company can update the aspect ratio, and increase the stability of boat in a furthur step.
The processing formability of our company is outstanding, which allows our product easy for cut, stamping, cold bending, forming and other forms of processing, suitable for the streamline of the hull.

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