Aluminum Spiral Tube Manufacturer


Product Name :Aluminum Spiral Tube
Product Grade :5754, 5083
Product Size :Thickness: 2-10mm; OD: 600-1000mm; Flange OD: over 1500mm;
Application : Automobile Electricity Industrial
Other : Temper: H111
As a  leading manufacturer in aluminum industry, Yikuo Longshun is a manufacturer of aluminum spiral pipes, with the capability to produce maximum outer diameters exceeding 700mm, also, we offer you various products that meet your specific demands.
We provide complete spiral pipe assemblies with aluminum flanges designed for use in high voltage and ultra-high voltage transmission and distribution equipment.
The Aluminum Spiral Tube serves as the backbone of different industries, for instance, aerospace industry, HVAC industry and manufacturing industry. Owning to the special structural feature of spiral lock seam construction, the strength and rigidity are significantly enhanced to make sure the stability of consumers’ projects. Additionally, the interlock structure at the surface can reinforce the consistency of Aluminum Spiral Tube itself.
Aluminum spiral tube

Manufacturing Process

The manufacture of aluminum spiral tube is a clean, efficient and economic cost process for the generation of tubes from coil strip stock for a variety of industrial uses. The process takes metal strip, flattens and then wraps in a continuous helix around a former where the 4 ply lock seam join is made. 
Yikuo Longshun, as an outstanding manufacturer of aluminum spiral pipe, we ensure the whole manufacturing process is under the standard quality management and control also the rigid inspection, which guarantee the satisfaction if our customers.

Structural Form

The diameter of the tube is determined by the spiral forming head. In a spiral tube the seam is a helix wrap around the tube and because of this for any given material gauge it is significantly stronger than its linear counterpart.  Thanks for its hollow structure, the Aluminum Spiral Tube is perfectly fit for the application in the high velocity air conditioning systems and high voltage industries.
aluminum spiral tube
aluminum spiral tube


Applications and the specifications to meet the working conditions required can vary significantly from project to project and the appropriate design and engineering. YK Aluminum is in the best position to manufacture aluminum spiral tube, pipe and fittings systems that possesses mature manufacturing technology and can meet most design and engineering specifications. 

Chemistry Information of Aluminum Spiral Tube

AlloySiFeCuMnMgCrZnTiZrALTensile Strength
Yield Strength
Elongation/%Hardness/ HBWα

Application of Aluminum Spiral Tube

Downstream Processing of Copper Sheet
High Voltage Switch
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