Aluminum Square Bar Manufacturer


Product Name :Aluminum Square Bar
Product Grade :2017, 3003, 2024, 6061, 6063, 6082, 7075
Product Size :Dimensions(L*W*H): 12 x 1 x 0.25 inches
Application : Automobile Industrial
Other : Color: Primary, Gray, Silver, or Customized. Temper: T3 – T8
We continually strive to improve the quality of our products. Our aluminum square bars are crafted from materials carefully selected for their corrosion resistance. We precisely regulate our manufacturing processes, guaranteeing the quality of each square bar without compromising the excellent properties of the original materials. Our standardized production line enables us to maintain consistent quality across all bars. We have also implemented a special technique to enhance the surface of the bars, adding a corrosion-resistant layer to protect them from oxidation.
Our aluminum square bars are lightweight, making transportation easy. Even during rebuilding projects, the lightweight nature of our products provides convenience in terms of movement, shaping, and folding. This saves you time and effort while maintaining product quality. Our aluminum square bars are versatile and can be easily processed as basic materials for various industries. Aluminum square bars are commonly used as essential components in complex products, such as aluminum gates, which require processed aluminum square bars. We have engineered our bars with flexible elements, making them easy to bend or cut to the desired shape.

Corrosion Resistance

The aluminum material is of great corrosion resistance due to the outer layer of oxide on the product’s surface, this layer has corrosion inhibition that can prevent the products from being corroded. Meanwhile, the outer layer on the product’s surface also has a certain self-healing property, that is, when the oxide layer is damaged, a new oxide layer will be generated on the surface, and replace the layer to further protect aluminum products. This enticing trait makes our product a durable one and our clients can save the cost due to the device changing.

Light Weight

Being equipped with lower density, the aluminum accessories could possess the character of lightweight.
High hardness: The aluminum material has good toughness which gives the strong impact resistance to the aluminum bolt, also, the low density but relatively high strength.
Appearance: The stainless appearance makes it possible to better serve the aesthetic demands of our users
square bar 2
square bar

Easy for Rebuilt​

Our company has an advanced level of processing technique, through the offering of customized service that we provide for our customers, we have already updated our manufacturing skills to a new level. Honestly, it is reasonable to say that we have the confidence to accept the demands of our client to adjust the shape of our products according to their adjustments. This can perfectly serve the demands of our clients and increase the efficiency of the productivity of our customers.

Property of Aluminum Square Bar

ThicknessWidthAlloyTemperMax LengthMTR AvailabilityTreatment
Typical Chemical Composition %
Typical Mechanical Properties
6061 OO≤145≤110A50mm
6061 T4T4≥180≥110≥16
6061 T42T42≥175≥85≥16
Thickness Width Alloy Temper Max Length MTR Availability Production Method Shape
0.25” 0.75” 6061 T4 144 Yes Extruded Bar-Rectangle

Application of Aluminum Square Bar

landing gear

Aluminum Square Bar for Landing Gear

car roof

Aluminum Square Bar for Car Roof

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