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Product Name :Aluminum Square Pipe
Product Grade :1050,1060, 1070, 3003, 2024, 2017, 6063, 6061, 6106, 7005, 7075, 5052, 5083.
Product Size :Size: 3*3-600*600;Length: 1-6m
Application : Automobile Industrial Others
Other : Temper: T3 – T8; Wall Thickness: 0.3 -15mm
Yikuo Longshun is your trusted partner in aluminum square pipe manufacturing. With a decade of production experience and a proven track record of collaborating with clients from various countries, we are the go-to choice for automotive exhaust pipe manufacturers, bicycle frame manufacturers, and staircase railing manufacturers.
Our aluminum pipes are renowned for their exceptional packaging quality and visually appealing coatings. We understand the importance of meeting customer demands for coating options, delivery timelines, and product standards. That’s why we prioritize offering a wide range of customizable coating options to ensure your products have the desired finish. Our state-of-the-art packaging ensures that the tubes are well-protected during transportation, guaranteeing their pristine condition upon arrival.
When it comes to meeting delivery deadlines, we excel in efficiency and reliability. We recognize the significance of timely production and delivery to keep your manufacturing processes on track. With our streamlined production capabilities and robust supply chain management, we guarantee prompt delivery of your orders, ensuring seamless production schedules without any delays.
Quality is our utmost priority, and our aluminum pipes are manufactured to meet the highest product standards. We adhere to rigorous quality control processes throughout the production cycle to ensure consistency and reliability. Our commitment to delivering products that meet or exceed industry standards ensures that you receive durable and reliable aluminum pipes that meet your exact specifications.
Partner with Yikuo Longshun for your aluminum pipe requirements and experience the difference of working with a reputable manufacturer. Contact us today to discuss your specific coating, delivery, and product standard requirements. We look forward to serving you and becoming your preferred supplier in the industry

Material Guarantee

The Aluminum Round Tube can be manufactured with heat treatment, which has a certain requirements of the material of the tube. Our product can ensure the qualified materil of the Aluminum Round Tube that will enable a series of treatments. The character of our product includes the better thermal conductivity and corrossion resistance with perfect ductility and leakproofness. What else, our Aluminum Round Tube is also eqquiped with a perfect light shading property. With a better quality of our product, can we obtain your cherish trusts.

Perfect Appearance

The quality of our product can go beyond your expectation, the appearance of our Aluminium Round Tube can acheive the same goal as the quality does. With its smooth surface, it can enable the users to change its color. Based on its smooth surface, it can be colored into anything you want and it is not easy to fall off after coloring. What’s more, our tube also have a beatiful and simple pipeline to compress the air and lower the reduction of pressuer loss and to save your energe in a further step. With these eyes-catching features, it can be a resonable action for you to choose our product.

Variety Specifications

With a variety of specifications to meet different demands, we offer high-quality angle aluminum that are widely used in various industries, whether you are a manufacturer in the automotive industry or a manufacturer in the construction industry, we produce a wide range of angular aluminum models.

Property of Aluminum Square Pipe

Mechanical Properties
PropertyRockwell Hardness B ScaleBrinell Hardness 500 kg loadDensity g/cm^3Elongation Typical %Melting Point °FModulus of Elasticity KSI x 10^3Specific Heat BTU/lb-°FTensile Strength KSIYield Strength KSIShear Strength KSI
Value60952121080 – 1205102454030
Chemistry Information: 6061 Aluminum
Percentage980.04 – 0.350.15 – 0.40.7 max0.8 – 1.20.15 max0.4 – 0.80.15 max0.25 max

Application of Aluminum Square Pipe

square appliance

Aluminum Square Pipes for House Frame


Aluminum Square Pipes for Windows

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