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Product Name :Aluminum T Slot Profile
Product Grade :6061, 6063
Product Size :Width(mm): 15-150; Length(mm): 100-6000; Thickness(mm): 2.0, 2.5, 3.2 Or Customized
Application : Automobile Electricity Industrial Others
Other : Temper: T5, T6
Yikuo Longshun is an assembly line manufacturer with 14 years of industry experience marked by continuous innovation and development over the past decade. We’ve dedicated ourselves to upgrading and advancing product technology, resulting in multiple technical patents. Our comprehensive services encompass industrial aluminum profiles and their supporting connectors, profile mold design, precision aluminum profile processing, assembly of industrial aluminum profile frames, mechanical protective fences, and customized processing of industrial automation assembly lines. Our one-stop services cover measurement, design, production, and installation, and are widely utilized in equipment manufacturing, aerospace and military industries, intelligent warehousing, medical equipment, automotive manufacturing, and more.
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High Hardness

The tensile strength of aluminum material is relatively high, tensile strength refers to the ability of the material to resist damage under tension, and the compressive strength of aluminum is generally between 110 mpa and 600 mpa, which makes aluminum have good bearing capacity and deformation resistance in various engineering applications. Besides, the high hardness enables our aluminum T-slot profile to take on more weight. With its professional performance, our aluminum T slot may perfectly serve your demands and could be easily installed without complex procedures or any other weld processing, which could release you from the tiring work.

Excellent Wear Resistance

The aluminum T slot can applied to the machine frames, supports, doors, industrial automation equipment, factory and office workbenches, shelves, containers, ladders, etc. After the anodizing treatment, the corrosion resistance will be greatly improved, it is not easy to rust, and it is more outstanding in terms of appearance and service expectancy. The better thermal conductivity shortens the time of the thermal treatment and accelerates the whole process it. Which may upgrade the efficiency of heat treatment and improve the productivity of our clients.
aluminum T slot profile
t slot

Easy Recycling

Recycled aluminum plays an increasingly prominent role in the production of aluminum in major developed countries. Waste aluminum can be processed by melting, crushing, screening, and other ways to convert it into reusable materials. These materials can be used in remanufacturing, construction, automotive and other industries. Regarding this tendency, our product has a higher recycling rate and handy processing, which may greatly enhance your economic efficiency.

Property Of Aluminum T Slot Profile

Aluminum T Slot Line Parameters-Mechanical Properties
ElongationDensityYield StrengthTensile Strength
>16%2.75g/cm3110 Mpa>205 Mpa
Aluminum T Slot Line Parameters-Chemical Element
Aluminum T Slot Profile
Product NameColorSizeMaterialSurfaceApplication
Aluminum T slot profileSilver, Black, and Customized2020, 2040, 2080 3030, 3060, 3090 4040, 4060, 4080 
5050, 6060, 8080
6061, 6063Anodization
Sand Blast
Various types of structures and frames in industrial and other fields

Application Of Aluminum T Slot Profile

Aluminum T Slot For Frame

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Aluminum T Slot For Industry

Aluminum T Slot For Industrial Equipment

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