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Product Name :Extruded Aluminum Heatsink
Product Grade :6063/6061/6005/6060
Product Size :Thickness: 0.4mm-20mm or Customized; Size: Standard or customized size; Temper: T3 - T8
Application : Automobile Electricity Industrial Others
Yikuo Longshun Heat Sink: Your Solution for Enhanced Performance and Reliability
Are you concerned about issues like oxidation resistance, poor corrosion resistance, inadequate heat dissipation, and deformation in your products? Look no further than our versatile and high-performance heat sinks!
At our company, we have developed a wide range of heat sinks that address these concerns and more. Our heat sinks are designed with multiple features, specifications, and models to meet diverse needs. Here’s why you should choose our heat sinks:
1. Superior Resistance: Our heat sinks are engineered to exhibit excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance. This ensures that your products maintain their performance and appearance over time, even in challenging environments.
2. Enhanced Thermal Management: We understand the importance of efficient heat dissipation. Our heat sinks are specifically designed to optimize thermal management, allowing for faster and more effective cooling. This results in improved product performance and reliability.
3. Durable and Reliable: Our heat sinks are built to withstand aging and high temperatures without compromising their structural integrity. You can rely on our products to maintain their shape and functionality, ensuring long-term performance and customer satisfaction.
4. Wide Range of Applications: Our heat sinks cater to various industries, including computer accessories, automotive parts, LED lighting manufacturers, hardware distributors, communication base stations, and fiber optic router manufacturers. Whatever your industry, our heat sinks can provide the thermal management solution you need.
5. Sample Testing and Timely Delivery: To ensure your confidence in our products, we offer sample testing for evaluation. Additionally, we prioritize timely delivery, ensuring that your orders are fulfilled promptly and efficiently.

Many specifications

We have most sizes of heat sinks on the market, and our heat sinks are manufactured from high-quality materials and available in a wider range of sizes to perfectly adapt to a variety of different heat dissipation needs, whether you need to make air conditioners, heating systems or industrial equipment, our products can meet your requirements.

High Temperature Resistance and Aging Resistance

Our heat sinks are not only able to withstand high temperature environments, but also have good aging resistance. It can be operated for a long time without damage, ensuring long-term stable performance.It can be used in many places where high temperatures and extreme external environments work and it can provide you with a good mass effect.

Fast Heat Dissipation

Our heat sink has excellent heat dissipation performance, can quickly transfer heat, so as to maintain the stability and reliability of system operation. Whether it is electronic equipment automotive engines or other high power equipment, our heat conduction radiator can provide excellent heat dissipation effect.

Property of Extruded Aluminum Heatsink

Chemistry Information: 6063 Aluminum
Percentage98.90.1 max0.1 max0.35 max1.2 – 1.80.1 max0.2 – 0.60.1 max0.1 max

Application of Extruded Aluminum Heatsink

Heat sink

heat sink

Heat sink

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