T Slot Aluminum Profile Manufacturer


Product Name :T Slot Aluminum Profile
Product Grade :6061, 6063
Product Size :Width: 15mm-150mm; Length: 100mm-6000mm; Thickness: 2.0, 2.5, 3.2mm or customized
Application : Industrial
Other : Temper: T5, T6

Is the cost of the assembly line profile you purchased too high? Can’t it be used in high-temperature environments?

Yk-longshun Aluminum Profile has been involved in the processing of assembly line profiles for many years. We have our own factory and directly sell from the factory, avoiding middlemen and ensuring competitive pricing. The assembly line profiles produced by Yk-longshun Aluminum Profile are corrosion-resistant, have excellent thermal conductivity, and can be used in high-temperature environments.

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Corrosion Resistance

The aluminum material is of great corrosion resistance due to its combination with oxygen in the air, after this reaction, it can form a dense oxide layer on the product’s surface, which has a corrosion inhibition that can prevent the products being corroded. At the same time, the oxide layer on the surface also has a certain self-healing property, that is, when the oxide layer is damaged, a new oxide layer will be generated on the surface to further protect aluminum products. Regarding to this, our client has non need to worry that the product may be damaged by the corrossion.

Light weight, High Hardness and Appearance

Being equipped with lower density, the aluminum accessories could possess the character of light weight.
The aluminum material has good toughness which given the strong impact resistance to the aluminum bolt, also, the low density but relatively high strength.
The stainless appearance makes it possible to better serve the aesthetic demands of our users.

High recycling rate

In respect of the work of recycling aluminum, it plays an increasingly prominent role in major developed countries. The portion recycled aluminum in developed countries is now getting close to the primary aluminum. Taking this situation into account, the recycling of waste aluminum has become a vital work in the world, and has gradually become an industry that of great importance. It is obvious that with this tendency, our product can certainly grasp the clients with eyes-catching attraction, which is higher recycling rate and handy processing.

Property Of T Slot Aluminum Profile

Tension Intensity (N/mm2)Yield Strength (N/mm2)Ductility (%)Surface HardnessInternal Diameter AccuracyInternal RoughnessStraightnessThickness Error
Sb 157S 0.2 108S8HV 300H9-H11< 0.61/1000± 1%
Chemical Composition

Application Of T Slot Aluminum Profile

Frame of aluminum profiles
T Slot Aluminum Profile for Climbing The Elevated Road
Aluminum slot for climbing the elevated road
T Slot Aluminum Profile for Climbing The Elevated Road

Package Of T Slot Aluminum Profile

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