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Product Name :Titanium Bar
Product Grade :TC4、GR1、GR2、GR5、GR7、GR9;
Product Size :Diameter: 2~6mm、8mm、10mm、12mm、16mm、20mm; Length: According to customer demand
Application : Automobile Industrial
Other : Standard; ASTM, JIS, GB,EN; Finish: 2B,2D,2BA,BA,NO.4S
Yikuo Longshun is a manufacturer of aluminum photo frames. We have been engaged in this industry for 14 years and have rich sales experience.
At the same time, we have a series of complete production lines in the design department, sales department, packaging department, and quality inspection department.
While having a large number of high-quality customers, we constantly innovate, To continuously strengthen the brand’s strength and make the design more in line with customer requirements, as a frame supplier, we hope to have a better future.
Have you ever encountered situations such as poor load-bearing capacity, high minimum order quantity, and surface defects when using photo frames?
Yikuo Longshun’s photo frames have thicker dimensions and more scientific skeleton design, which have the advantages of extending service life and improving load-bearing capacity.
Additionally, we have a stricter inspection team, which inspects the quality through various testing methods to ensure that the surface is flawless, smooth, and bright, Finally, we support customers in customizing sizes and quantities. Please feel free to contact us for inquiries at any time.

Flat Incision

As a experienced aluminum manufacturing company, the 7075 aluminum bar that produced by our company has the flat incision, which leading to the neat appearance and can ensure the aesthetic outlook of your product. And we promise that during the process of manufacturing, our company shall make every efforts to reduce the deformation rate.

Precise Cutting

We have acknowledge the importance of precise cutting, thus, our company have strict control over the manufacturing process, and try our best to minimize the error as possible as we can. Which enabling our clients to improve their manufacturing efficiency and bring them more economic earnings.

Wear Resistance

The wear resistance of our 7075 aluminum bar can effectively increase the life cycle of your product, and can significantly reduce the unnecessary economic losses.
From another aspect, the corrosion resistance of 7075 aluminum bar is also perfect. Which makes it the typical material that could be applied to aerospace and aviation fields.

Properties of Titanium Bar

Titanium Bar-Chemical Element

Application of Titanium Bar

Titanium Bar for Aerospace


Titanium Bar for Automobile Industry

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